Operation process

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Operation process

A pear recognized by the world
Captivating the tastes of the world
The secret of the achievements of
the Korea pears cooperative Union!

Growth promoter NO! Herbicide NO! Hog Marue fertilizer NO! Artificial Insemination NO!

It is in the eco-friendly cultivation technology unique to “Korea pears cooperative Union”

자연, 그대로의 배!

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“Pear” Grown in Natural, Healthy Land, Clean Wild Mountain

Lots of sunshine and “clean water”

It is grown in nature to produce the best pears available.

New start for global business

The Korea pears cooperative Union is operating
in keeping with the global era.

Precise quality inspection and advanced agricultural technology

In order to ensure demanding quality inspections, taste and stability, and to advance the agricultural technology as the times evolve,
The Korea pears cooperative Union is leading the way.

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  • KPCU
  • KPCU
경상남도 진주시
주식회사 경남무역
  • 218, Dusan-gil, Munsan-eup, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea
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