Personal Information Policy

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Personal Information Policy

01. Purpose of collecting and using personal information

The company collects and utilizes the user's personal information for the purpose of providing the optimal service to suit the user's taste as marketing data through user identification, payment of service use, product delivery and statistics and analysis.

Specific purpose of collection and use of personal information by items are as follows:

Name, ID, and password: Used in the process of identifying one's identity required for service use

E-mail address, phone number: Securing a smooth communication path, such as forwarding notices and handling complaints, and providing information on new services and new products or events

Bank account information, credit card information: Payment for the use of paid information and purchase of products

Addresses, phone numbers: Obtain accurate shipping destinations for invoices, prizes and shopping items, direct-marketing

Other choices (telephone number, date of birth, marital status, anniversaries): Materials to provide personalized service

02. Collected personal information

The company collects only the minimum amount of personal information required for service use.

In order for the user to use the company's service, the user must enter the desired ID, password, name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.

However, there is no restriction on service use even though the option such as mobile phone number, date of birth, marriage status, wedding anniversary, Internet gift certificate, account number, etc. is not entered.

When a user purchases a product or service from the company, the following additional information must be entered for payment and delivery of the product.

In regard to payment method

- In case of account transfer: Transaction bank name, account number, name of trader

- In case of card payment: Contact address, payment information, card information, etc. necessary when processing claims such as contact A/S, such as name, address and phone number of the person who sends and receives the goods as necessary information for the delivery of the credit card type, card number, validity period, and password products

However, sensitive personal information (racial and ethnic identity, ideological and creed, origin and domicile, political orientation and criminal records, health status, and sex life) that are considered to violate users' basic human rights are not collected.

The company sells its goods and services to members as well as to non-members. For non-members' orders, the company requests only personal information that is necessary for delivery, payment, and delivery of goods.

If you make a purchase as a non-member, the payer information and recipient information entered by the non-member customer will not be used for any other purpose than payment and delivery of the goods. In the case of non-members, personal information is protected in the same way as of the members.

03. Personal information retention period and service period

The company destroys the user's personal information without delay when the purpose of collecting or receiving the personal information is achieved.

In case of member registration information: When membership is withdrawn by a member or terminated by the company

For payment information: When the term of the payment completion or the period of prescription for expiation of receivables expires

For shipping information: When delivery goods or services are completed

In case of collection for the purpose of a survey, event, etc.: When the survey, event, etc. end

However, when there is a need to preserve the personal information of the users for a certain period of time, such as required by the Commercial Act and the Act on the Protection of Consumers in e-commerce, etc.

Records on withdrawal of contracts or subscriptions, etc.: 5 years

Records on payment and supply of goods: 5 years

Records on handling consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years

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